With summer almost over (I know, it’s so sad–where did the time go?!), it’s that time of year when our minds start to freak out about flights back to campus, back-to-school style, actual schoolwork, etc.

That being said, most of you may be working this summer, and sometimes the going gets tough. For those of you who are legal (wherever you might be from), getting drinks after work may be motivation for you to get through the work day. A day-to-night look is a stylish solution so you can avoid going home before going out (because we all know once we get home, it’s Netflix and sweatpants time).


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Floral Edge

July is almost over. This is not a drill. I repeat, July is almost over. NOBODY PANIC.

It’s almost time to go back to school, and I for one, am both dreading and looking forward to it. Yesterday, I started penciling in my schedule into my planner and oh boy…I’m definitely not excited about 8 am classes (how the heck did I do that in high school…); you can ask Yvonne–I’m certainly not someone who can wake up that early.

This is maybe one of my favorite outfits I put together for CollegeFashionista this summer.


Confession time: this is the first romper I’ve ever owned. I know, I know, I really jumped on the bandwagon late. But with all the rompers out there, I’m satisfied with this one. I love the shoulder cut-out and how light it feels, even with the longer sleeves.

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Minty Fresh

June is quickly closing to an end, and that means one month of summer is already gone. What?! Blasphemy. I’m a California girl at heart (and always will be), so my favorite season is already one-third gone. I’ve cut my hair, as most people do during the summer, and compared to my insane length during the school year, it feels so SHORT. I’m still getting used to curling it and getting an almost Farah Fawcett look…which is not really what I’m going for…welp.

Four posts on CollegeFashionista have gone live, and I’m still thinking of more outfits I can post about. It’s like being a stylist! … Except for yourself. Becoming a stylist has always been intriguing to me, but you need some serious ins to propel yourself to the top.

For now, I guess I’ll stick to styling myself and creating Polyvore sets. Here’s a look that’ll be on CollegeFashionista next week!


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Elegantly Cool

Wow, apologies for the super long, unintended hiatus! Spring semester was unbelievably busy for both of us, but hopefully this summer, we’ll get things back on track.

I’m currently still writing for CollegeFashionista, and my category this summer is called STYLE GURU STYLE. I’ll be taking runway trends and adapting them to my own personal style, as well as letting readers know how to get my look.

This is one of the looks I’ve come up with, based on the Adam Lippes spring 2014 ready-to-wear runway show.


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January Blues

There’s nothing quite like a cozy flannel shirt on these freezing Vermont days. I have my brother’s laundry incompetence to thank for this shirt – he accidentally shrank it in the dryer, thus turning it into a closet piece that fits me rather than him. I am of the belief that when choosing colors for pretty much anything you can never go wrong with blue. In this outfit I paired the blue flannel with thin gold accessories which in turn complement small gold accents on the ankle boots. I like mixing laid-back clothes with dressier, more refined details. DSC_0091


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Marooned in Winter

How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? One of my big ones was to work out and get fit, and Yvonne’s been helping me out a huge deal by doing blogilates with me! Actually, more like schooling me and teaching me how to do everything because honestly, I have no idea what’s happening. I’m happy to report, though, that I am so sore and that I really don’t mind doing this working out thing. Probably because I don’t have to walk twenty minutes to our gym to do it.

Gold earrings from Forever21 dress up this maroon sweater/tunic, and I like curling my hair to dress up my look a little more, especially with the ombre and highlights. Classic black booties round out the look, and voila! An outfit where pants aren’t necessary (am I right, ladies?). We’re also introducing a couple new accessories in this post, more specifically, midi rings! I found a whole set of more than ten rings, varied sizes, at H&M for $6. What a steal.


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Cause it’s too cold, here and now

I hope you’ve all had a relaxing holiday break! I hate that we have to snap back into reality soon and that my days of being curled up in my room watching Downton Abbey for 8 hours straight are now over. I’m secretly praying that the snowstorms will get so bad that I won’t be able to fly back to school…. (okay not actually – I don’t want to get stranded at some airport for 3 days).

The holidays are pretty much over – but that doesn’t mean the festive clothes have to go anywhere! Playing with textures is a great way to keep an outfit interesting. Here we have a cozy red knit mixed with velvet and chiffon.

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2014! We’re ridiculously excited to welcome the new year and to start our journey with this blog. Our first few posts look slightly more holiday-esque, but it’s never bad to look even a little bit festive during the winter season! And believe me, we definitely have one here in Vermont.

We’re headed right for the worst of it – and we’re still loving our plaid shirts, suede boots, and cozy sweatshirts. Stay casual and cute at the same time!


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